Wake Culture: Brad Smeele Recovery Update – Starting Rehab

brad smeele, injured new zealand pro wakeboarder is recovering and smiling

Wake Culture: Brad Smeele Recovery Update – Starting Rehab
Amazing to see that Brad Smeele, the New Zealand Pro Wakeboarder who was injured on July 6th, is recovering and on his way to start Rehab. Its awesome to see him talking and smiling. We’re all still praying for you Brad.

It’s official, B-Rad is outta here! His time in the ORMC ICU has finally come to an end, and it’s time to start the next stage of his recovery; rehabilitation at Shepherd Centre in Atlanta.

Brad will be leaving tomorrow morning between 9:15-9:30am, so everyone in the area come on down to floor 5B Neuro ICU at the Orlando Regional Medical Centre around 9am. Let’s line the halls and give this legend the send off he deserves!


If you would like to keep up to date on Brad’s Recovery, or if you feel led to give to his recovery fund, you can find his foundation page here: http://www.bradsmeelefoundation.com

Additionally, ELEVATED and WakeWell have teamed up on a Collab t-shirt to help bring in funds for Brad. If you’d like to support and buy a shirt, you can do so by clicking this link here.


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