Wake Culture: Ash Hannig Babe Shredder Edit

ash hannig babe shredder wakeboard edit

Wake Culture: Ash Hannig Babe Shredder Edit

Elevated Team Rider Ash Hannig released her summer wakeboarding edit and it’s sick! Ash is an ASU Wake Devil who owns and runs Babe Shredder. She worked at BSR Cable Park over the summer and has been dialing in her riding like it’s nobody’s business.

Ash has a special place in her shred ready heart for girls that ride, and wants to inspire more girls to feel comfortable competing and growing as athletes. Through Babe Shredder she has begun hosting wakeboard clinics around the country and rounding up some of the best female riders out there to teach new talent.
We’re stoked on Ash and would love it if you would share her edit around to bring her and the Babe Shredder crew some more exposure. And on that note we’ll leave you with a quote from Ash:

“I don’t ride to compete. I don’t ride for show. I ride to push myself a little bit farther each time and see what barriers I can tackle. That in itself is enough reward & praise for me.”

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