The Importance of Good Quality Shoes

the importance of good quality shoes

The Importance of Good Quality Shoes

Shoes are an everyday necessity – we have to wear them all day, every day. Our shoes carry us everywhere and whilst we want them to look fabulous, we also want them to feel fabulous. Very often, quality and fashion don’t go hand in hand which can be problematic if you always prioritise fashion over quality.

Whilst gorgeous shoes are of course, very important, if it has to come to one or the other, it should be always quality, BUT it doesn’t have to be a choice between. The key is to find the shops that can provide you with both, and trust me; they’re out there. It’s very easy to find nice, cheap shoes to last you a season but they can do awful things for your health.

Podiatrists despair at cheap shoes and are fed up of repeating themselves over and over, stressing the importance of good quality shoes. Well-fitting shoes that promote good foot health do not have to be unattractive. The important thing, according to one podiatrist, is that the shoe allows the foot to comfortably exist in its natural shape, which can be achieved by good quality fashion footwear.

The human foot endures huge amounts of pressure each day. The average person takes 5,000-7,000 steps per day, and our feet absorb a lot of the impact of these steps and this is why proper footwear is so crucial. Walking one mile averages out to 2,000 steps, which puts 63 tons of pressure on each foot. Also, something to bear in mind is that the foot alone has more than 25% of the body’s collected bone mass. If any of these bones become misaligned, which can happen with bad footwear, the body may be negatively affected in a number of ways.

Although foot problems are not always clocked immediately, other pains such as knee problems, hip pains, lower back problems, shoulder and neck tensions, headaches and stomachaches, can all be a result of misaligned bones in the feet. It’s incredible what our feet do for us so shouldn’t we do a little for them by giving them a comfy place to do all their hard work?

the importance of good quality shoes

As well good quality shoes promoting foot health and thus encouraging wearers to be more active when in the shoes, you want them to last. By investing a little more money into your shoes, you will spend less money and less time hunting for shoes. This also applies to slippers. Bad quality slippers can be an awful health and safety hazard on stairs as they can flop around and catch. Sandals are also renowned for breaking and snapping whilst also giving your foot no support at all. Slightly more expensive sandals understand the need for that support and the importance of being resistant.

With all of this in mind, it is important to find somewhere that can provide you with shoes that you’ll feel great in not only because you look good but also because your feet are happy. This doesn’t have to cost you the world and there are many shops that can give you gorgeous shoes and look after your feet.

It’s difficult to hunt around high street shops for these and in some towns it may be very difficult to find a good shop so I find that going online is the best solution for variety and reasonable prices. A particular favourite of mine is John Martin Shoes (http://jmshoes.co.uk). The company stock’s a big variety of styles, and brands. Go and check them out today!

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