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elevated clothing snowboard brand

ELEVATED is fully rooted in Snow-sports and Snowboarding Culture. Founded in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, Elevated got it’s jump into the snowboarding and freeskiing industry early on.
We believe firmly in supporting the Snowboard Industry from the ground up. We get involved in grassroots events, we support the up and coming athletes, we sponsor Pro’s, and we are becoming heavily involved in Collegiate Ski and Snowboard clubs across the nation.
Our snow athletes stretch from the west coast of California, to the snowy peaks of Montana, to the frozen tundra of Scandinavia. We fully intend to continue to develop the industry side by side with the other great companies that make the culture we love and breathe.

Here on this page you will find all of the media that defines Elevated Snow Culture which we or our athletes and affiliates have produced. Unlike other blog pages where we share Freeski/Snowboarding content from across the internet, this page is devoted specifically to all things ELEVATED in the snow culture.


Elevated Wakeboarding Snowboarding Surfing culture

Shred Culture

kavadba clothing ski helmets snow culture snowboard brand

Kavadba and Snow Culture

elevated clothing snowboard brand

Hunter Lamoureux snowboard montana elevated clothing

elevated clothing guys shred culture gnar

elevated clothing tall tee snowboarding freeskiing

elevated clothing streetwear models storms tee

Cameron Burlin Montana Snowboarding Elevated Clothing

Elevated Clothing Shreddie Monster

Shreddie Approved

niklas höiem Svensk freeskier for Elevated Clothing

Wake Well Ministry's Mark Heger wears his Elevated Tee

Nose Press – Mark Heger wears his Elevated Propaganda while snowboarding

Wake Well Ministry's Mark Heger wears his Elevated Tee

Wake Well Ministry’s Mark Heger rocks his Elevated Propaganda Tee







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