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elevated wakeboard clothing

ELEVATED is fully rooted in Wakeboard Culture. From sponsoring athletes and events, to producing Wakeboard specific clothing, Elevated is Wakeboarding.
We believe firmly in supporting the Wakeboard Industry from the ground up. We get involved in grassroots events, we support the up and coming athletes, we sponsor Pro’s, we work with INT League, and we are heavily involved in Collegiate Wakeboarding across the country.
Our wake athletes stretch from California to Sweden and we fully intend to continue to develop the industry side by side with the other great companies that make the culture we love and breathe.

Here on this page you will find all of the media that defines Elevated Wake Culture which we or our athletes and affiliates have produced. Unlike other blog pages where we share wakeboarding content from across the internet, this page is devoted specifically to all things ELEVATED in the wake culture.

elevated wakeboarding clothing brand

Elevated Clothing- Wakeboard Clothing

Elevated Wakeboard Clothing wake culture

Wakeboarding tanks

Elevated Shreddie yetti

Shreddie Approved

Machi Block at OWC wakeboarding cable wake elevated clothing

Machi Block at OWC

Graci Morgan Lake Life blonde elevated babe

Graci Morgan Lake Life

Drew Glickman Elevated Wake Clothing

Drew Glickman Elevated Wakeboarder

Athlete and Boardsports Culture Collage - Elevated

Athlete and Boardsports Culture Collage – Elevated

Erik Nilsson Wakeskate Competiton Elevated clothing

Erik Nilsson Wakeskate Competiton Elevated

Drew Glickman Killing it wakeboarding elevated clothing

Drew Glickman Killing It

elevated clothing boardwear brand snowboard surf wakeboard clothing

elevated clothing wake babe graci morgan

Elevated Clothing Wake Babe Graci Morgan

Elevated Clothing Stamina Wakeboard brand

Elevated Stamina

elevated clothing streetwear models storms tee

Elevated Wakeboard Action Shot

Josh Brown “elevatetexas”

Model Lauren Jure wears her Elevated Propaganda Tank

Lauren Jure wearing her Elevated Propaganda Tank

Lauren Jure wearing Elevated Clothing

Lauren Jure rocking her Elevated Propaganda Tank


photo 2

Kavadba Kali Summer- Right after we moved to Los Angeles from Northwest Montana and began to grow the brand legitimately.

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