Charities We’re In Tight With:

There are many Charities out there, all supporting good causes, all worthy of investments. We believe that everyone has the means to give something, and we believe that each person should find something that they are passionate about supporting and then give to that cause.
We’ve worked with some of these charities a time or two through business association, and some we believe very strongly in and continuously support. These are Organizations that we trust and that we see fit to send our finances too as a company.
At Kavadba and Elevated we work hard to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Roughly 10% of all profit brought in will be sent back out through the following charities and others.campuscrusadeforchrist


Truth + Love = Freedom:

There is no better way to live the best life possible than doing positive things for others.
In an effort to tackle the issue of poverty, we came up with an easy way for people to make an impact. Poverty is a huge problem, but it is especially common among Mothers who are working and trying to provide for their children all alone. Every mother is a hero, and when times get tough sometimes they could use a little help. Elevated Clothing has designed a special shirt specifically for this cause.
Every Purchase of the Truth+Love=Freedom shirt will help this effort. 10% of the proceeds go to help struggling Mothers. When a mother becomes a widow, being able to afford simple things like clothes, bills, gas money, food, and school supplies for their kids can be overwhelmingly difficult. Many don’t realize the sacrifices that single mothers make in order to create a good life for their children. That is why we designed a shirt for the purpose of helping people in need by donating some of the proceeds. We hope to show that with something as simple as a t-shirt we can make a difference in people’s lives.
The special word design, Truth+Love=Freedom, was chosen for its meaningful and positive message. Just like truth and love lead to freedom, we can work together to help others.


Shred For The Cure

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Research by buying a custom ELEVATED Shred For The Cure tee-shirt.