Why We Ride


Next time you walk into a sporting goods store, try this- ask the first five people you run into if they know what wakeboarding is. There are two general answers that are almost always the response that you’ll receive. Half of these people will have no idea what you’re talking about, to which you may

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kuai multisport biometric headphones

kuai multipsort biometric headphones fitness technology

Interesting new technology premiering. Let us introduce to you Kuai Multisport Biometric Headphones. ———————- PRE-ORDER NOW AT WWW.KUAIWEAR.COM ———————– Kuai has created the the world’s first wearable multi-sport coach, using technology covered by 30 patents and clinically validated by Duke University, the Kuai headphones accurately calculates the user’s heart rate, VO2max, calories, cadence, distance and

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netflix and shred

netflix and chill meme tank top

Netflix and Chill?… Try Netflix and Shred. When it comes to new slogans, we’ve all come across a friend or two awkwardly throwing out “netflix and chill.” Where did this come from? It seems to have just popped out of nowhere almost overnight, and in a culture that is far too heavily saturated with sexual

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Art On The Road

art on the road

Art On The Road Art on the Road is a journey started with a camera, a vision, and a oneway ticket. artontheroad.tv A project designed and created to provide a space in which to discover, promote and expose the passions and creativity of talented artists from all around the world. Based nowhere and everywhere, our

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Collegiate Skate Tour

cocoa beach florida collegiate skateboarding tour stop elevated clothing

ELEVATED clothing partnered up with the Collegiate Skate Tour (CST) about a year and a half ago. This is our second year promoting with them, and we’re super stoked on all of the progress Keegan and the crew have made, bringing together some amazing collegiate skate teams across the country to compete and hang out

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elevated girls

lauren jure, elevated clothing girl, surf girl, wakeboard babe

One thing we love about our job of is getting to connect with a lot of rad people all over the world. We work with athletes, events, movers, shakers, etc… We have a huge fan base that’s growing every day, and its a constant pursuit for us to reach out to new up and coming

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nursery wall decals

nursery wall decals

Brighten up your children’s room with nursery wall decals In the modern age, chemicals used in a variety of products — including nursery room paint & decors — can send parents into a frenzy. Nursery wall decals may look oh-so-nice and fantastic, but the question is, are such products made of stuff that may impair

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beneful healthy happy dog food

If you’re a dog lover, you know the importance of giving your dog food that he or she will appreciate. Dogs can be finicky eaters, with some breeds even pickier than cats! Finding a brand that your dog will eat without getting bored is quite the challenge. You’ll also want something healthy. And lastly, something

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ELEVATED Snow Culture – All Things Elevated Snowboarding/Freeskiing

elevated clothing snowboard brand

ELEVATED is fully rooted in Snow-sports and Snowboarding Culture. Founded in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, Elevated got it’s jump into the snowboarding and freeskiing industry early on. We believe firmly in supporting the Snowboard Industry from the ground up. We get involved in grassroots events, we support the up and coming athletes, we

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Featured Item – Blitz

elevated clothing blitz

It’s always nice to see what shirts look like on actual people. Check out the following gallery to see what the ELEVATED Blitz Tee looks like on our customers, fans, models, athletes, etc… Buy it this week ON SALE. BLITZ: Elevated Clothing – Surf, Shred Culture, Steez, Sesh the Coast, Shred Everything, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Boardsports,

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