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  1. Wake Culture: Velocity Island Park Crew

    Wake Culture: Velocity Island Park Crew The long awaited opening of Velocity Island Cable Wake Park is finally here, and we've got just the video to show you the goods. Trever Maur spent some time filming with the local park crew and put together a super fun and sleek edit; getting some rounds in for himself of course too. The video shows the wide diversity of the park's features, including the signature Kaesen Suyderhoud feature from Unit Parktech. Speaking from Experience, this park is dope. They gave our ELEVATED Crew the VIP treatment when we were there filming our West Coast Edit, and we are stoked that they're finally open to the public. This is for sure park you'll want to shred. Check out the following video featuring Trever Maur, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Anton Ryzenkov, Elevated athletes Tanar Pigrenet and Matt Tonne, Dylan De Kalb, Andrew Hartmann, Jay Miguel, Calli Turner, Jennifer Gillantar, and Kyle Feder.

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  2. Wake Culture: One Rainy Day - Elevated West Coast Team

    Summer's here in California, and that means the cable parks have opened back up, wakeboarding is in full swing, and of course the girls are back out in their bikinis.... but I digress. Part of ELEVATED's West Coast Crew, Drew Glickman, Tanar Pigrenet, and Matt Tonne, and Ben Hernstedt have been hitting it hard at Wake Island Watersports Cable Park in Sacramento, CA lately and just released this new edit, "One Rainy Day." Check it out and share this page around your social media to give these guys some love.

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