1. Elevated Clothing Taylor Nicole Streetwear Photoshoot

    Elevated Clothing Taylor Nicole Streetwear Photoshoot

    Here at Elevated we've been lucky to work with some pretty amazing people throughout the last few years, all of which have played a large role in helping us brand, helping us spread the word, helping us get further engrained in the action sports and or streetwear lifestyles we love, and all of which have helped define us as a company in some way shape or form. These are our fans, our friends, new acquaintances, and amazing professionals that we get to link up with. Taylor Nicole is no exception to this rule. Here is a girl who lives the Elevated lifestyle, not only in here activities, passions, and pursuits, but also in the way she speaks, writes, and inspires. We were super impressed when we first got in contact with Taylor, and the same holds true today after seeing the quality and effort she put into making us look great! Check out these great
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  2. Elevated Clothing - Brand Deck Graphic Design

    Elevated Clothing has a history of some seriously sick graphic design... so says the designer :) We want all of our fans, and the action sports industry/boardsports industry as a whole to know who we are and what we're up too. On this note, Elevated threw together a brand deck to show some of our apparel products as well as a little bit of brand culture. Hot girls, steezy clothing, boardsports, action shots, and a little information behind the brand and who is elevated clothing. Check it out and let us know what you like about ELEVATED in the comment section below. elevated clothing wakeboarding clothing

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