T-Rex Attacks Arcade

t-rex attacks arcade

We’ve all seen the T-rex costumes running around being ridiculous, doing different things. We haven’t necessarily seen them being used for advertising. When it comes to fun, Arcade City in Pigeon Forge, TN and Orlando, FL know how to provide it. Check out this quick video spot they did: Everyone is a VIP in Arcade

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Matt Tonne Philippines Wakeboarding

matt tonne elevated wakeboarder philippines cwc wakepark

Matt Tonne Philippines Wakeboarding – ELEVATED Team Rider Northern California native Matt Tonne has been traveling and wakeboarding around the world, working on his skills and developing some amazing content with good friend and fellow Elevated rider Drew Glickman (filming and editing for project below). From a trip to the Philippines at the start of

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Longboarding Accident

austin oden longboarding accident elevated clothing distressed t-shirt

Longboarding Accident: When Our Fans Go Hard! We got an email awhile back from one of our customers who had been shredding on his longboard and took a bit of a spill. He was super bummed because he ripped his brand new ELEVATED shirt. We’re super bummed too… But we’re working it out with him

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CWC Days Of Our Lives

cwc wake park days of our lives

CWC Wake Park Days Of Our Lives This is a recap of a few riders’ month long trip at CWC. The edit follows 7 riders from Monday thru Saturday and gives you a little insight to how everyone’s day varies! Featuring Elevated wakeboarder Matt Tonne. CWC: Days Of Our Lives from Happy Daze Media on

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Florida WakeFest

wakeboard party florida wakefest

Welcome to Florida Wakefest, home of Gator Wake Team and about 900 other spectators doing anything from trying their hands at pie-eating contests, throwing massive double ups, or showing off their favorite ELEVATED clothing products that they got hooked up with. Each year the Gator Wake Team puts on a massive event for the Florida

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a day in the life of kids having fun

Hey Guys, Go and give our friends @timwlyons a follow on youtube. They’ve built and are building a great channel about a day in the life of a group of active friends. As you can see by their channel trailer below, you’ll get a variety of goodness and plenty of reason to subscribe, follow, and

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woofpack driver

woofdriver sacco patch

This is another unique WooFDriver outing. This is one of the many farms the WooFPAK runs to keep in shape and have fun. # youtube dogs # train dogs This time, a couple Belgian horses wanted to play. On this track, The WooFDriver uses a recumbent bicycle-like dogcart with special tires to negotiate the sand

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Backflip on Wakesurf

hot girl wakesurfing, backflip on wake surf

Backflip on Wakesurf: There’s not much more fun than a girl who can do a backflip with ease… except maybe a girl who can do a backflip with ease while standing on a dude’s shoulders while they both wake surf… Yeah that’s pretty much unbeatable. Check it out and share it around. surf du soleil

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borrowed light and broken string

borrowed light and broken string

More Than Just A Sunset – borrowed light and broken string Explore a world of poetry, heartbreak, loss, love, and life. This is Borrowed-Light-And-Broken-String’s first completed animation art project. It’s very cool and inspiring. Give it a watch. From the Youtube Video Description: My First Completed Project! A Heart-breaking video. A powerful sad poem about

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babeshredder event, austin texas, babe shredder, girls who ride, wakeboarding, wakeboard girl

Wakeboarding gains momentum with Austin BabeShredder competition! BabeShredder, the social movement for female board sport athletes, held its largest competition August 8 at Quest ATX cable park in Austin, Texas. With sponsorship from Hyperlite, Rockstar, KIND Snacks, Elevated Clothing and City Surf Fitness, hundreds of spectators came out to cheer on the female riders. Six

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kuai multisport biometric headphones

kuai multipsort biometric headphones fitness technology

Interesting new technology premiering. Let us introduce to you Kuai Multisport Biometric Headphones. ———————- PRE-ORDER NOW AT WWW.KUAIWEAR.COM ———————– Kuai has created the the world’s first wearable multi-sport coach, using technology covered by 30 patents and clinically validated by Duke University, the Kuai headphones accurately calculates the user’s heart rate, VO2max, calories, cadence, distance and

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UF Wake Fest 2015

uf wake fest wakeboarding in florida hot wakeboard girl

UF Wake Fest 2015 The University of Florida Wakeboarding Team hosted their annual competition WakeFest in April. We’ve been working with UF Wake Team for the better part of this year, and we’re always stoked to see what they’re up too as well as check out the wakeboard culture as it grows on a collegiate

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1 Day At Ride Cable

elevated clothing norbi vasko wakeboarding ride cable hungary

1 DAY at RIDE CABLE SE04EP02 with 4amigos ELEVATED Clothing Athlete Norbi Vasko just shared this sick little video on his instagram for all of you to preview, so we figured we’d take the liberty to share it to the masses here. A year ago today, Norbi was off in Hungary shredding with his amigos

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Cable Ski Logan Punk Show

cable ski punk show

These coming weekends mark important days for Elevated Clothing- namely that Saturday, August 1st, and Saturday, August 8th, will be our first events in Australia since officially launching the brand down under at the start of July. It’s only fitting that we close out the month with a couple of bangers to kick off what

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Tige MyWake Challenge


Tige MyWake Challenge So far 3 of our ELEVATED athletes have submitted wakeboarding and wakeskate videos for the Tige’ My Wake Challenge. We wanted to share these with you, our fans, so that not only can you keep up with what your favorite athletes are up too, but you can better understand the brand culture

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netflix and shred

netflix and chill meme tank top

Netflix and Chill?… Try Netflix and Shred. When it comes to new slogans, we’ve all come across a friend or two awkwardly throwing out “netflix and chill.” Where did this come from? It seems to have just popped out of nowhere almost overnight, and in a culture that is far too heavily saturated with sexual

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netflix and chill

netflix and chill funny definition meme

We’ve all heard the saying going around, netflix and chill, and if you haven’t yet heard it, you’ve probably seen it trending on social media #netflixandchill or “I thought you said that we were gonna Netflix and chill?” What does “Netflix and Chill” Mean? What’s the definition? By now you’ve probably heard your roommate saying

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