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ELEVATED- Live Life to the Fullest.

We are a Premium Wake/Snow/Surf brand rooted in action sports and a love for the good life. Elevated releases unique designs with an emphasis on super high quality, extremely soft, and incredibly comfortable goods with an awesome, longer fit. Our products are made in Americas and produced by riders for riders.
We aim and seek to inspire our fans to get out and live life the fullest every day, pursuing their full potential and passions, and enjoying this incredible life that God has blessed us with.

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Note: Machi Block is not a pro wakeboarder, contrary to Jared’s misstated introduction 🙂

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We originated in the untapped shred scene of Northwest Montana and began a uniting movement as an action sports anthem in 2002 with Kavadba: “Best of Times..” 2003 marked the founding of ELEVATED, a brother brand to Kavadba.
The company and brands grew organically and naturally over the course of the years as owner/founder Machi Block, 16 at the time of starting the company, progressed through highschool and college.
Before long, Elevated was becoming a staple in the ride culture and college scenes across the Northwest.
In 2010 the company moved from its core beginnings in Montana to expand production in LA and play and increasing role in the action sports community with easier access to events, athletes, and the like.
Since then the brand has grown immensely and become a globally recognized and respected name. Our heaviest influence is in Wakeboarding, which has always been the lifeblood of the company, Snowboarding, and Surfing, thought we sponsor and support athletes across all disciplines.
We represent the Good life, a pursuit of pure things. We build community and bring together, spreading love and purpose in our wake.



Do you want to understand Kavadba a little bit? Let me take you back to the early 2000’s when we were just as young and just as reckless. Our teen spirits were filled with wonderment at our world and the pursuit of conquest dominated most facets of our daily living. We were growing up with the influence of Bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41, Eve 6, and Mest; bands that could light your heart on fire like a blowtorch and a match and send you off daydreaming into the world of sunny Southern California. Southern California, where surfing and beaching it up with beautiful girls owned the moment.
The reality was however, we were in Northwest Montana, which just so happens to be a best kept secret as another one of the U.S.’s premier extreme sports hot spots. We spent our winter days shredding powder in the mountains, our summers lake’n it with our best friends riding the wake, and our spring and fall riding dirt bikes and mountain bikes up and down narrow trails. Life was good!
As we looked around us, brands such as O’nell, Lost, Hurley, Fox, Quiksilver, and Billabong were abounding in excess and we loved what they were putting out. But the truth is, we had our own story and message to tell. We wanted our own brand that yelled “The Best of Times..” from the top of it’s lungs, just like we did every day.
Thus came Kavadba, first dressing young men in pop punk, extreme sports inspired clothing in 2002. But we didn’t stop there. Our girlfriends had style, don’t get me wrong, but we knew we could perfect it. So it wasn’t long before we put the babes into something that we loved.. something that accented our lifestyle.
And now here we are down the road and the only thing that’s changed is that we’re in our 20’s and living the SoCal dream. Surfing, beaching with beauties that rock our brands, and living the Kavadba Life with the ability to have more influence and spread more love.
KAVADBA- Keeping the spirit of restless youth alive! Kavadba Bros, the American Day Dream..

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